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Production Facilities

StoryFutures offers advanced production facilities to help SMEs on our programmes with their R&D.

Capture Lab

Capable of creating live and recorded full-body human capture using Xsens Motion Capture suits, Manus VR gloves and a bespoke facial capture solution. It also features photogrammetry and volumetric capture tools for creating static assets as well as depth enabled green screen.

Audience Insight Lounge

In this experiential space we reproduce a living room setting in order to observe how immersive entertainment is used in the home. It is equipped with a range of popular consumer electronic entertainment products such as PSVR and Nintendo Labo VR kit.

Immersive Teaching Lab

This lab has been specially designed for XR development. It boasts 15 optimised workstations each equipped with top of the range CPUs, GPUs and VR HMD, which allow for training in all parts of the XR workflow.

Immersive Audio Lab

A state of the art audio listening space created for research into the creation and deployment of ambisonic recording. The customisable speaker array allows for flexibility and the creation of a variety of immersive sound setups.

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