Project on Understandings of Intellectual Property Rights in Immersive Technology Completes First Report

  • StoryFutures
  • July 26th 2022

A project to investigate the approaches to managing intellectual property rights in immersive innovation led by Dr Aislinn O’Connell from Royal Holloway University of London has published its first report.

After conducting interviews with ten project partners from the StoryFutures and StoryFutures Academy projects, the preliminary results indicate that while all project partners felt supported and were able to find solutions to their IP issues where they arose, this new and emerging industry suffers from a lack of established systems for identifying and managing intellectual property rights at the outset of any project, leading to uncertainty when projects are seeking funding opportunities or to expand. The variety and versatility of immersive technology and story telling means that there is a diverse range of projects, outputs, and rights created or potentially applicable, but identifying, cataloguing, and valuing those rights is an area for development.

A robust system of understanding, identifying, and managing intellectual property rights from the inception of immersive storytelling projects is needed to ensure clarity, ease of negotiation, and adequate understanding of the valuable assets created in immersive projects, their future uses, and how to capitalise on those assets.

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