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Intellectual Property Understandings in Immersive Innovation

StoryFutures Creative Cluster, July 26th 2022

This report, led by StoryFutures and Dr Aislinn O'Connell, examines approaches to managing intellectual property rights in immersive innovation.


StoryFutures Academy Presents: ‘Fireworks’ short film World Premiere and Masterclass.

StoryFutures Academy, March 28th 2022

On Thursday 10th March 2022, StoryFutures Academy (The National Centre for Immersive Storytelling, run by the National Film and Television School and Royal Holloway, University of London) launched the world premiere and masterclass of short film Fireworks that uses cutting edge Virtual Production to tell its story.

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Imperial War Museum: One Story, Many Voices

StoryFutures Academy, December 2nd 2021

One Story, Many Voices is an innovative digital installation project which brings together a group of celebrated writers, local communities, and members of SWWHPP with expertise in binaural sound recording. Together they imagined and created immersive sound worlds with diverse voices reflecting on war and conflict and its impact on our lives today. StoryFutures Academy worked with the Imperial War Museum and writers and partners around the country to help realise binaural immersive sound pieces which use 360 sound to put the audience at the heart of the story.

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StoryFutures Academy Virtual Production Skills Report

StoryFutures Academy, November 3rd 2021

This Interim StoryFutures Academy Skills Report provides a map of the Virtual Production (VP) skills needed across the film and TV industry.

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Business Insight Report

StoryFutures Creative Cluster, September 28th 2021

StoryFutures have launched their first Business Insight Report. This report looks at the recent advances in immersive business model development as well as how these practices come together in new types of creative businesses. Our primary focus is on immersive content-creating SMEs — those pushing the boundaries of storytelling with emerging immersive technology.

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Research Papers

Do VR and AR versions of an immersive cultural experience engender different user experiences?

StoryFutures Creative Cluster, September 3rd 2021

This study compared user experiences of one VR and two AR versions of an immersive gallery experience ‘Virtual Veronese’, measuring multiple aspects of user experience, including enjoyment, presence, cognitive, emotional and behavioural engagement, using a between-subjects design, at the National Gallery in London, UK.


Accessing R&D Funding

StoryFutures Creative Cluster, May 17th 2021

UK funders are increasingly looking to support innovation collaborations between industry and academics. This webinar provides an overview of funding opportunities from Innovate UK and research councils and guides on making successful applications.

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Audience Insight Report

StoryFutures Creative Cluster, May 13th 2021

StoryFutures and StoryFutures Academy (The UK’s National Centre for Immersive Storytelling, run by the National Film and Television School and Royal Holloway, University of London) have launched their first Audience Insight Report. Our focus in this report is on the users of immersive technologies, with the aims to help further understanding of what the value of immersive storytelling is to users and the creative industries alike. We look at the value in economic, social, emotional, reputational, and cultural terms.

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