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Audiences and Opportunities: Applying for StoryFutures China StoryLab

StoryFutures International, February 25th 2021

StoryLab is the process in which a UK production company can secure funding to produce the National Gallery SFChina experience. This event will outline the StoryLab process, the opportunity for UK SMEs, the funding available, and provide more information on our partners the National Gallery and the Shanghai Museum of Science & Technology.

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StoryFutures/Presents with Anagram

StoryFutures Creative Cluster, February 11th 2021

​Your future in the hands of your face’ - an encounter with the theatre of security. A talk with ​Your future in the hands of your face’ - an encounter with the theatre of security. ANAGRAM is a multi-award-winning female-led creative company specializing in interactive storytelling and immersive experience design. Their work typically combines expertly crafted experiential storytelling that blends fiction and documentary, rigorous and painstaking research, and an ingenious approach to integrating recently possible technologies into the heart of an experience.

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StoryFutures Academy Podcast

StoryFutures Academy, November 29th 2020

This 8-part series, hosted by immersive director Shehani Fernando, gives listeners a practical look at how VR and AR productions actually get made. If you want to begin creating your own immersive stories or learn more about the XR sector, this is the podcast for you. With the help of some of the biggest names in the industry, she explores practical tips, case studies and the challenges that make this a really exciting area to work in.

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StoryFutures/Presents with Adrian Hon

StoryFutures Creative Cluster, November 24th 2020

Adrian Hon is co-founder and CEO at Six to Start, creators of gamelike stories and story-like games including the world's bestselling smartphone fitness game, "Zombies, Run!" with ten million players. He's author of A History of the Future in 100 Objects and has spoken at the flagship TED conference, the Long Now Foundation, GoogleX, and Disney Imagineering.

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Immersive Partnerships: The Business of Working in China

StoryFutures International, October 29th 2020

What cultural, contractual, and legal issues do you need to consider when creating immersive experiences in China? While the opportunities in China and Chinese expertise in XR technologies are vast, when expanding into any new market UK companies will face new challenges and risks.

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StoryFutures Academy Annual Report 2019-2020

StoryFutures Academy, October 23rd 2020

2019-20 has been an incredibly successful year for StoryFutures Academy, seeing us surpass many of our overall target KPIs a year ahead of schedule, including training a total of over 400 screen industries professionals, double our 3-year project stretch goal. Including students and those beyond the creative industries, 1022 unique beneficiaries have taken part in our programmes.


Showcasing Immersive Experiences in the UK and China

StoryFutures International, September 23rd 2020

A 2 hour multi- masterclass showcase four innovative immersive experiences located in the UK and China. In this webinar the creators of these immersive projects share the highs and lows of getting these large-scale innovative experiences off the ground.

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StoryFutures/Presents with Christian Cherene

StoryFutures Creative Cluster, July 1st 2020

BeAnotherLab is an interdisciplinary transnational group dedicated to understanding, communicating and expanding subjective experience as a means to facilitate action across identity faultlines. Since 2012 the group has used techniques derived from virtual reality, cognitive science and performance in developing innovative applications...

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