Innovation Surgery

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A workshop in action at StoryFutures

An SME looking to innovate in immersive storytelling? Our Innovation Surgery is for you!

The early stages of any innovation project are fraught with uncertainty and poses some challenging questions: Is the idea attractive to potential customers? Is it technically feasible and viable in business terms? How much funding may be needed and where would it come from? Addressing these questions can require specialist creative, technical and commercial expertise which small companies may not have.

StoryFutures to the rescue: our new Immersive Innovation Surgery is a 2 hour workshop where our academic experts will explore the idea with you to understand its viability. At the end you will receive a short feedback report with highlights and advice on next steps – for example, on how you can improve the idea or the business case, address technical or creative questions, or access innovation funding sources.

For more information and to express interest, please drop us a line at telling us briefly about your company and the innovation idea you’d like to explore.