How 'The Green Planet AR Experience' Was Built, and What We Learnt

  • StoryFutures
  • May 17th 2022

"As technology blurs the boundaries between film, games, and live event production, it’s rapidly becoming possible to combine physical and digital worlds, engaging audiences and immersing them in new experiences. That is our mission at Factory 42 – to create experiences that matter and to use immersive technologies to tell stories in new ways.

With that in mind, as part of a team meeting, we came up with the idea for an environmental-themed experience. How could we bring users into the heart of the natural world in memorable and meaningful ways? That idea became the basis for The Green Planet AR Experience, inspired by the BBC’s extraordinary blue-chip Natural History series.

With buy-in from one of the world’s leading natural world broadcasters, Sir David Attenborough, we set about creating an experience that would literally put nature at people’s fingertips, as they toured our green planet, guided by Attenborough himself."

- John Cassy, CEO of Factory42

For the full article on how Factory42 created this, and to discover how StoryFutures supported them to uncover the value of immersive learning in the natural world, click below.

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