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  • StoryFutures
  • October 13th 2020
Final week to register your interest using the link at the bottom of this page

StoryFutures Academy have funded 13 creatives to date from film, TV, theatre and games to work on exciting XR productions such as Top Gear’s first venture into VR: Buckle Up! (REWIND); Peaky Blinders VR (Maze Theory); Climate Changers (Surround Vision) and creatives at Passion Pictures, No Ghost and Nexus Studios among others.

Given the success of the Placement Scheme in bringing storytelling talent and those skilled in immersive technologies together to learn from each other, we are opening up this opportunity to more immersive companies in a  one-day only speed networking event.

Top Gear Buckle Up! (REWIND); Madrid Noir (No Ghost); Peaky Blinders VR (Maze Theory)

Thursday 26th  November from 3pm-7pm  (virtual event)

Final Week To Register Your Interest

How will the event work? There will be a panel to kick off the event showcasing success stories from companies and creatives who have completed placements, followed by an opportunity for a series of meetings with available creatives.

This is to invite you to  Register your interest  in attending the event to meet and secure a talented writer, director, producer, sound specialist, or other available creatives from adjacent industries who have been through StoryFutures Academy immersive storytelling training, and are keen to be selected for a funded professional placement with immersive production companies like yours! 

Eligibility: Companies registered must be able to take a funded creative on a live (commissioned) immersive production starting no later than March 1st  2021. They must give them a relevant credit. As this is a learning on the job position, creatives will be flexible on rates but companies must ensure that knowledge share is at the heart of it. Creatives from film, TV, theatre and games bring experience of storytelling in tried and tested forms and ways of understanding and reaching audiences;  immersive production companies meanwhile share how new ways immersive technologies fit into the workflow and approach.

Funding detail: Placements are up to 10 weeks and are 80% funded by StoryFutures Academy (i.e. companies pay 20% of the person’s fees).

StoryFutures Academy will be funding up to 6 placements from this event.

For further information about StoryFutures Academy Placement scheme see our Bootcamps and On-Set Training pages

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Deadline: Midnight 6th November

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