Virtual Reality Sculpting with Haptics

Valkyrie Industries presents a new immersive 3D sculpting software, allowing creation of versatile 3D models using VR controllers, finger tracking and Valkyrie Industries haptic gloves.

Check out Ivan Isakov, co-founder of Valkyrie Industries, creating a 3D model seamlessly with their proprietary software 'Argil' below.

Virtual haptic sculpting is the most direct, scalable and potentially impactful technology for the application of tactile technology to artistic creativity. Despite that, it does not yet exist at a global scale, with only limited academic usage and rudimentary commercial devices. No sculptor can imagine sculpting without touching the materials they are working with.

Valkyrie Industries, in collaboration with Prof Birgitta Hosea, Prof Camille Baker and StoryFutures, have created an early version of the haptic VR sculpting app – Valkyrie Argil. It allows versatile manipulation of a 3D mesh, with a range of tools such as: push/pull, carve, smooth, noise, paint resolution as well as various control hardware including commercial VR controllers, optical hand tracking (Oculus Quest / 2) and haptic gloves by Valkyrie Industries.

Sculpt freely using natural gestures with virtual haptic sculpting


SteamVR compatible headsets: (Oculus Rift, HTC Vive), Oculus Quest /2, Valkyrie Industries Haptic Gloves


Dr Ivan Isakov, CTO and co-founder of Valkyrie Industries
Kourosh Atefipour, CEO and co-founder of Valkyrie Industries
Prof Birgitta Hosea, UCA
Prof Camille Baker, UCA


University of Creative Arts