StoryFutures China Autumn Event Series

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  • August 28th 2020
  • Kylie Bryant

Interested in international collaboration and trade opportunities in immersive production?

Keen to expand into Asian markets? Want to know more about our StoryFutures China project?

Sign up to attend the StoryFutures China Autumn Event Series which will provide you with all you need to know about immersive production and international collaboration between the UK and China. We are running this event to give your company plenty of time to familiarise yourself with immersive work happening in the two countries ahead of announcing our ‘StoryLab' challenge in November.

The StoryFutures China project will prototype immersive, cultural experiences for The National Gallery and Shanghai Museum of Science & Technology that can measurably enhance visitor experience. The project will produce two immersive experiences, one in each institution, that share the same theme of ‘art in science / science in art’. This unified theme will then create opportunities for transnational exchange by enabling each institution and country to export an immersive experience to the other.

Showcasing Immersive Experiences in the UK and China.

17th September 9-11am

The first of three events, this is a 2 hour ‘multi- masterclass’ which will showcase four innovative immersive experiences located in the UK and China. The creators of these immersive projects will share the highs and lows of getting these large-scale innovative experiences off the ground. Discover how they broke the mould for experiences of this kind, managed expectations of their client and audience, and handled technical challenges.

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About our Speakers:

Yifeng Yang, Deputy General Manager at Foremost, has more than ten-years of project engineering experience for professional display design. Mr Yang was the chief design lead of large-scale exhibitions for the World Expo, Olympic Games, Asian Games, Science and Technology Museum, and other various museums.

Zheng Yu, Executive Director and Design Director at BokehVisual, specializes in cross-border new media visual design and creation. His works include the design and production of the digital picture "Qingming Shanghe Tu", the Alibaba Big Data Interactive Wall, and the multimedia exhibition "Mawangdui Tomb Projection" of the Hunan Museum.

Kate Kneale, Managing Director at HKD, has over 15 years experience of running a design studio and delivering complex multi-disciplinary projects from £20,000 – £2.5m. As director of HKD she manages teams of skilled architects, designers, managers, artists and researchers delivering projects which can be seen in the UK, Singapore, US, China and others.

Richard Houghton, Creative Director at HKD, has over 30 years of experience working in museums and science centres, Richard specialises in conceptual organisation and the development of interactive exhibits. He is particularly involved in the creation of destinations for shared learning and social interaction.

Renyuan Mao, General Manager and Creative Director at Moujie was the director and project manager responsible for the planning and production of the digital picture "Qingming Shanghe Tu" in the China Pavilion of the Shanghai World Expo. He was also one of the main creators of the water holography ballet "Swan Lake" as part of the G20 cultural performances.

Take a moment to sign up for the rest of the events in the Autumn Event Series below:

Immersive Partnerships: The Business of Working in China

23rd October 12:30-14:00 BST

What cultural, contractual, and legal issues do you need to consider when creating immersive experiences in China? While the opportunities in China and Chinese expertise in XR technologies are vast, when expanding into any new market UK companies will face new challenges and risks. Following extensive research and interviews with companies already successfully navigating these challenges, we will present the outcomes of our research including practical suggestions that UK SMEs looking to expand into the Chinese market can adopt. This event will be presented in collaboration with PACT and DIT who will share their China Toolkit and advice on doing business in China, specifically relevant to new and immersive productions.

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Audiences and Opportunities – Applying for StoryFutures China StoryLab

Tues Jan 26 (12.30-14pm)

StoryLab is the process by which an eligible UK company can secure grant funding to produce the National Gallery's StoryFutures China experience. This event will outline the StoryLab process, the opportunity for UK SMEs, the funding available, and provide more information on our partners, the National Gallery and the Shanghai Science & Technology Museum. We will dig into the details of the brief and focus on the audiences this project is aiming to reach. This session will look at topics such as, how you can create immersive experiences for multiple audiences, what the differences and similarities are between UK and Chinese audiences, and how to design an experience that can travel between the UK and China.

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Find out more about the StoryFutures China project here.

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