StoryFutures Academy Alumni Stories: Introducing Grace Baird

by Amanda Murphy


'The support I've received from StoryFutures Academy has been fantastic, I'm now skilled up and feel like I'm ready to take on the world of immersive like never before!'

- Grace Baird

Grace Baird is a graduate of NFTS’s Masters in Creative Digital Producing and is now part of the StoryFutures Academy team.

This is her journey into immersive with StoryFutures Academy.


Grace attends a StoryFutures Academy Bootcamp

Exploring a toolbox for creative professionals, interested in working in immersive.


Production Manager position, Nexus Studios

Grace is offered paid work by session host, NEXUS studios on an interactive web-based art experience (4 weeks extended to 6 weeks). She leaves digital TV to work in immersive content creation.


Grace lands a fantastic placement with Surround Vision

Her work on Climate Changers directly impacted the project's story, based on the audience feedback she had gathered.

During the placement, she also took part in a 360 shoot in central London and experienced the core workflows in the dynamic environment of working in immersive.

Impressed by Grace’s work, Surround Vision extended Grace’s position for the duration of the project.


StoryFutures Academy-funded placement converted into a job at Surround Vision

Position extension until January 2020


Kickstart funding: Secured

Grace also applied and secured £10K Kickstart funding for the immersive project ‘Nudge’ where she was the Digital Producer.

Grace describes ‘Nudge’ as ‘a two-player narrative game for the Oculus Quest. Embodying opposing characters, players experience the same story from different perspectives and together must collaboratively solve puzzles to progress the narrative’.

Images from Grace Baird's VR project 'Nudge', supported by StoryFutures Academy Kickstart funding

'Grace has brought with her a wealth of experience in terms of what we could be doing and what's happening in the industry that we wouldn't have been aware of any other way.… having somebody like Grace on board has given us a competitive edge in terms of being able to identify opportunities we didn't know were there.'

-Richard Stegman, Senior Producer, Surround Vision

How did you find the StoryFutures Academy collaboration process?

"I have found my collaboration with StoryFutures Academy an extremely rewarding, educational, and inspiring process."

What value have you gained through this collaboration and how has it helped your progress?

"I have gained so much through my collaboration with StoryFutures Academy - from knowledge to networks, skills, and inspiration. StoryFutures Academy gave me the opportunity to learn through creating and allowed me to contribute my skills while learning about immersive creation."

What advice would you give to others thinking about working with StoryFutures Academy?

"I highly recommend working with StoryFutures Academy or joining one of their many events. Ask questions, try as many new things as possible and meet interesting people.. Immersive production and storytelling techniques are here to stay but barely formed, so why not get in there early and help shape the formats, processes, and industry?!"

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